Cards For Decolonization Featured on Native America Calling

Cards For Decolonization Featured on Native America Calling

People use different methods to get a message across or bring critical thinking to the fore. What about a game that combats stereotypes and colonization and the ills connected to them with the flip of a card? In our spotlight this month it’s all about an emerging game that uses humor to literally get difficult issues on the table. “Cards Against Colonialism” by the Native American Teaching Aids is the product of tribal members, elders and educators. They aim to confront some of the toughest disputes over a good old card game. What do you think about this approach to stomping out stereotypes? Is humor your tool to heal from colonization?


Avery Old Coyote (Apsaalooke/Salish) – Native scholar and Cards Against Colonialism writer

Rebecca Goff – Co-founder and Executive director of Native Teaching Aids

CBC Unreserved plays Cards For Decolonization

Avery Old Coyote, of the Flathead Reservation in the U.S., was playing a round of Cards Against Humanity with some friends when inspiration struck. 

The game has been dubbed "the party game for horrible people" and it's easy to play. Each round, a player draws a black card with a question or phrase. Then, the other players select their craziest or most hilarious white card to go along with it. The player who gets the best reaction wins that round.